Merit Ribbons

From 2022 onwards, Technica has introduced a merit ribbons to reward outstanding performers in the Faculty of Technology.

Merit Ribbon Statute

1 § Technica awards merit ribbons according to the procedures and criteria set out in this statute.

2 § The Board of Technica acts as the awarding body and decides on the awarding of merit awards.

3 § The ribbon of the Technica is a 25 mm wide ribbon in the colours of the Association.

4 § No more than three (3) ribbons may be awarded per year. Exceptionally, the Board of Technica may, by unanimous decision, award more than three (3) but not more than seven (7) ribbons per year.

5 § An honorary award may be proposed by a member of the Association’s Board or by a member of a member organisation of the Association, after which the Board of the Association shall decide on the awarding of the honorary award.

6 § An honorary award may be granted to a distinguished member of the Technica Association’s Board after an exemplary term of office.

7 § A merit ribbon may be awarded to a student representative of the Board of the Faculty of Technology, a student representative of the Faculty of Technology’s Education Development Group or a student representative of the Faculty of Technology’s Departmental Education Development Group who has been exceptionally active and proactive in advocacy.

8 § A merit ribbon may be granted to a student of the Faculty of Technology or any other person who has significantly contributed to the objectives or activities of Technica ry.

9 § The merit ribbon shall be made available to a member of the Board of Technica for the purpose of representation during his/her term of office.

10 § The Technica’s merit ribbon is worn under the ribbons of the Student Union and above the ribbons of the Student Union. The ribbon shall be worn from the right shoulder across the chest, diagonally to the left, or as a rosette on the left breastplate. The ribbon must not touch bare skin. With a formal dress, the ribbon is worn under a waistcoat.