Technica’s april

Faculty of Technology invites staff members and students to Wappusima on Thursday 27 April at 13.00 at the lobby of Agora!

This is a great opportunity to catch up with other students and staff members and to get a head start to the 1st of May celebrations.

Sima and munkki (non-alcoholic mead and donuts) will be served.

Teacher of the year in the faculty of technology

Technica ry is rewarding the teacher of the year at the faculty of technology. Every student of the faculty can suggest the teacher of the year.

Do you know someone who has put in special effort in their teaching work, is your teacher worth the trophy or do you think your colleague is deserving of the title? 

You can nominate the professors of the faculty, lecturers or other member of the teaching staff. 

After the nomination period ends the board of Technica ry will ask comments about the nominees from the student organizations of the faculty and choose the winner. The winner of the title will be announced at the faculty summer festival.

We will pay special attention to the following themes: 

1. Teaching ability

2. Student feedback

4. Quality

5. Active participation and commitment of their work

Nominations open till 15th of May. You can vote here:

For more information you can contact the board of Technica ry:

Hybridiaani’s, Technica’s ja Hybridi’s advocacysauna

Have you always wanted to be involved in student welfare? Are you interested in TYY’s activities? Or are you just a fan of sauna and good company? 

You’ll find all of these at the Hybridiaani, Hybridi and Technica presents: Edarilöylyt on Tue 9.5. at 18:00/ 6 p.m.! Join us at the TYY sauna to hang out, sauna and chat about advocacy. The Edarilöyly will also see the launch of Hybridiaani’s new look! 

So bring your swimsuit + towel, a nice sauna drink and your most burning questions for the members of the representative group. You can also just come to rest your feet and enjoy a snack. 


What: Hybridiaani, Technica and Hybridi presents: Edarilöylyt 

When: Tue 9.5. at 18:00 

Where: at the TYY sauna 

What to wear: sauna towel, swimsuit and overalls, or whatever you want 

Why: Because friends, advocacy and sauna!

Dippa- ja thesis coffee

s your thesis so stuck or unfinished that you can’t get anything done? Is writing almost impossible? Don’t worry, there is a solution!

Join us for the Thesis Coffee of the Faculty of Technology to write your thesis on 10th of May 2023 in the Mänty/Honka conference room on Agora 4th floor from 16:30 to 18:30.

All students are welcome to the event who want to work together on a thesis, dissertation or, for example, a bachelor’s degree. Faculty staff are also on site to offer support to those who need it. In addition, there are snacks and, of course, coffee and tea.

The purpose is to offer students an opportunity to get support for a writing project. At the event, you can share your experiences with other students or instructors who are present, or just work on your thesis.

Pre-register for the event (latest 5.5.):

Registration is binding because of catering.

What: Thesis coffee

Who: For students who are writing their thesis

When: 10.5. at 16:30-18:30

Where: Agora’s 4th floor, conference room Mänty/Honka