Technica’s November’s infos

  1. Applications for Kouke
  2. Technica’s ribbon 2022
  3. Automation technology & faculty news
  4. Undergraduate scholarships and coffee 9.12.
  5. Dippa & graduation coffees & alumni activities

1. Applications for Kouke

New student members for the 2023-2024 season are being applied for the Faculty of Technology’s education development committee, or Kouke. It’s a great place to influence the planning of matters related to studying or teaching and its development, research training, research or other activities. Kouke meets about once a month or two. 

As a student member of faculty, you get to meet other people, make new friends and gain studying credits.

Three student members and three debute member positions are selected. The season lasts two years. Open call 24.11. – 8.12.2022 via this link.

If you have any questions:, Jutta Lindfors

2. Technica’s ribbon 2022

Technica has designed a ribbon this year. The purpose of the ribbon is to reward and recognize people who have done a long-term education policy in the faculty, and to remember and thank especially the student representatives who work outside of student organizations for their valuable work that often remains invisible. A ribbon can be awarded to a student of the Faculty of Technology or another entity whose activities have contributed to the goals or activities of the students of the Faculty of Technology. The board of Technica ry decides on the granting of the tape after consulting its members. The ribbon is used at events where academic badges are used.

This year, the brand guidelines have not been written yet, so more ribbons were distributed than will be distributed in the future. (In the future, the tape will probably be distributed around 0-5 pieces / year.) This year, we wanted to remember especially in 2021 the hallopeds and socialpolicy representatives that worked even during the pandemic, as well as the current education policy representatives for the active year.

Ribbon recipients 2022:

Hallopeds (administrative student representatives):

Taru Toivonen, Antti Kankainen, Lauri Orava, Arttu Huttunen, Osmo Jalonen, Samuli Pyytövaara, Miika Pellotalo

These people have acted (for several years) as a counter force to the faculty in several different institutions and have boldly brought out the students’ point of view in decision-making. Their work has partly remained outside of student organizations, so its amount or importance is sometimes difficult to perceive. They represent all students in the faculty, and their voices affect all activities of the faculty.

Those responsible for education policy:

Venla Uskali (Digit ry), Katariina Moilanen (Asteriski ry), Tiitus Hannula (Machina ry), Jasmin Karlund (Nucleus ry), Miao Korpelainen (Nucleus ry), Tiia Siivola (Tyk ry), Rosa Oksala (Adamas ry)

We also decided to reward those responsible for education policy who worked in organizations and guilds with Technica’s ribbon. We thank you for the active discussion and participation in Technica’s meetings during the past year.

Those responsible for social policy:

Linda Broere, Nina Judén

In addition to education policy, advocacy essentially includes social policy, i.e. advocacy related to students’ holistic well-being and student and working life. It is important that we have people involved in the operation who know e.g. Changes in student life, for example related to support and health services or people who organize events that support the well-being of students. We also decided to encourage the operation of the agreements by awarding two people with a Technica merit ribbon, who have worked during particularly difficult pandemic times. Above all, advocacy is, in addition to promoting interests, cooperation, which each of you has shown this year. No change can be achieved alone.

Technica thanks for the past year and acknowledges.

3. Automation technology & faculty news

In the fall of 2023, a new technology degree program, automation technology, will start. You can read more about the new subject here:

4. Undergraduate scholarships and coffee 9.12.

Scholarships worth 300 e will be awarded to applicants who have completed their bachelor’s degree in three years and graduated in spring 2022, and a coffee event will be organized on December 9 at 2:30 p.m.

5. Dippa & graduation coffees & alumni activities

On Tuesday 22.11, the faculty’s first thesis coffees were organized. Thanks to everyone who participated. In the future, similar events will be organized once per period.

The faculty’s alumni activities are about to start and in February the first sitzs will be organized for all alumni and older students.